CrossFit classes are the best way in the world to get fit and improve mobility, performance and health. The training environment at Scorpion CrossFit is set up so you will thrive and get proven results. All classes are developed by the head coaches and coached by a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.

There is a new workout every day, with everyone participating in the same workout. The workouts are challenging, but can be scaled to any level so anyone can safely participate. You will share your workout experience with everyone else at the gym, and grow, learn and suffer (just a bit) with a community.

Sports Performance Training

Our Sports Performance Program is geared toward athletes age 14 to 20+ whose desire is to maximize their performance in a specific sport. Whether your goal is to make the starting lineup or earn an athletic scholarship to a D-1 University, our individualized and sport specific program of strength training combined with CrossFit will make you a better athlete in your sport.

How do we know this?

We quantify your results.

We show you where you stand as an athlete prior to starting our program, using the same testing protocols utilized by teams in the NFL, MLB and MLS. Then we continue to test at regular intervals during your time in our program. This allows every athlete to see their progress, and allows us to alter the programming athlete by athlete to address specific weaknesses or goals.

We start every athlete with a movement assessment (functional movement screen) to identify physical weaknesses, imbalances and mobility limitations that can be limiting performance and predispose the athlete to injuries.

We also conduct strength, speed and agility testing that is specific to each sport prior to an athlete beginning our program. This baseline testing, and the follow-up testing during training, allow us to continually customize and tailor the program to fit your needs.

A faster, stronger and more agile athlete is a better athlete.

It is that simple... as long as you bring the desire to excel, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic, we will get results, and we will show you those results.

If you are ready to take the next step, drop us an email at, or call Efrain at 480-420-8955 to set up your first workout.

CrossFit Kids

As we all know, kids like to jump, squat, push, pull, run and climb as a part of their everyday life. These activities are a part of a "typical" child's movement patterns. Just watch them play! It requires that they execute these movements quickly and efficiently regardless of their physical capacity.

CrossFit Kids is a program that is designed with this specific function in mind. It is a program aimed at developing children's fitness levels to optimize the enjoyment of their lives. To put it more simply, CrossFit Kids helps kids to grow healthy and strong and through that, to love every minute of the day.

The program is also a great way to develop general athletic skills as a means of generating improvement in all sports. Classes are designed to incorporate elements of gymnastics, body weight movements, running and jumping to ensure that kids develop overall improvement in and a love for fitness. This type of advancement creates well-rounded athletes and transfers over to any sport they are playing currently or may play in the future.

Here at Scorpion CrossFit Kids, we place a huge emphasis on fun and forming a supportive community of kids that are united by their common passion for fitness. We aim to provide kids with a place to come and improve their fitness and overall well being while simultaneously developing their confidence, forming friendships and discovering an overall passion for wellness in their lives.