How to Get Better at Endurance

How can our members consistently improve their endurance ability and performance without doing traditional endurance routines everyday?  There is the assumption as well that athletes are consistent and embrace all workouts not just those they excel at.
First there is a focus on building strength including but not limited to olympic lifts, power lifts, traditional lifts, calisthenics, gymnastics and anything new we may find to be helpful in building strength.  Stronger muscles can move heavier loads more easily and can create more force with less energy. Even in endurance activities like running and activities like rowing that can leverage strength.   
Building core strength increases power output and the efficiency of that output.  Most endurance activities are complex movement and benefit greatly from a stronger more effective core.  Stronger glutes, lutes, and abdominal muscle can more  effectively generate power (running) and transfer power (rowing) during running and rowing makes for faster times and certainly less fatigue after endurance activities.  
Focus on improvement of using core to extremity principles in all movement and at every opportunity.  Squats for example provide the perfect opportunity to build the strength of the glutes, hips, and torso and to practice transfer power from the legs to the core.  Building the endurance of those core muscles while also strengthen the entire body and specifically legs works wonders for improving movement during endurance activities like running and rowing.  
The best way to see all of this work is to be consistent showing up remaining coachable and benefitting from all this great experience.  There is also the added confidence that comes anytime new obstacles are conquered.  Best way to know for sure is to try yourself.