Hydrating for Performance and Well Being

Ever have a hard time finding the energy to workout or start a workout and just felt like continuing didn’t make sense. I’ve had a few of those not to mention being sore for days after a tough workout. It was frustrating and disappointing and most times very easily corrected and prevented.  While nutrition (both quantity and quality of food), sleep, stress are all very important in making sure we are adequately prepared to workout and also to recover, water is one of the easiest to improve and the prescription is often to drink more.  And remember hydration can also impact recovery.  
Technology and our knowledge of hydration has increased tremendously and luckily to drink enough water it is easier to keep it simple.  The first step is to make sure you have a reasonable baseline.  For this discussion we won’t worry about how the water is filtered or if the water is bottled.  Let’s make sure the habit of drinking adequate water is cemented first.  
Take your weight and multiply by ⅔ (also .6666 in decimal), a 214 man should drink 143 ounces of water a day.  Take in to account that activity levels and weather can up the amount of water required.  That is the baseline that has worked for me over the course of a day.  You may require a little more or less.  If you think this is too much drink quite a bit and then reassess.   
Should you have a cup of water when you wake up.  Yes and actually make that 2 cups of water when you wake up.  Should be a daily ritual.  Before a workout same rule applies.  And instead of chugging drink and enjoy the water, in all seriousness drinking mindfully is much more beneficial.  Drinking a baseline amount of water is a great start.  Tomorrow we can talk about electrolytes.