Hydrating for Performance and Well Being Part 2

There is more to hydration than just drinking water.  Electrolytes are required for muscles to use water in the body effectively and to even hold the water in the body long enough to be effective.  Electrolytes include sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium.  Electrolytes are critical in muscle function including control and strength, water balance in cells, and even blood pressure.  While electrolytes are lost through sweat and impact performance please not electrolytes are important for day to day function highlighting the need for proper hydration and nutrition.  It is important to make sure all electrolytes are part of the diet.  Thankfully it can be as easy as making vegetables a priority.  While sports drinks companies do a great job marketing the importance of electrolytes sports drinks often have lots more sugar than electrolytes.  You are better off taking in electrolytes in your diet (especially given the quantity required).  Electrolytes occur naturally in vegetables, the more colorful the better.  Dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes are jam packed with electrolytes and you will see a difference when you consume vegetables and drink the water your body needs.  We could talk about hydration all day, what’s most important is understanding how critical hydration is and make sure you are ready for adventures with vegetables.