I feel fortunate to have received lots and lots of encouragement in my life.  Encouragement came from so many people parents, siblings, cousins, friends, teachers, neighbors, strangers.  For some reason one person stands out today.  Her name was Kathy and for the life of me I can not remember her last name, and this was before email so I can’t search for an old email.  I don’t recall exactly how I met Kathy.  Probably through a friend who has always had a deep passion for the performing arts.  Kathy believed in helping young teenagers through theatre.  Kathy would do so much more than I’ll effectively capture here.  Kathy would write plays, get funding, take us to auditions, spend many many afternoons working directly with us.  Kathy somehow found time to write grants to and get funding, at one point she got a van and took us out of town at times.  Kathy was good with words and action.  Kathy was always positive and encouraging.  I can only recall she believed in everyone.  Kathy was great at action, as I’ve said, and action is so effective and efficient because it immediately benefits the doers and to those listening shows that we create our todays and our tomorrows. Kathy helped open some doors.  Kathy made some experiences possible that I still draw on to this day for practical knowledge and inspiration.  She never asked for thank yous.  She never went in to the details about why she would sacrifice/invest so much of her time for us.  Kathy’s daughter once told us Kathy had been offered a position in the Presidential administration at the time and had turned down the position.  
I don’t recall saying thank you much if at all. I decided I’m going to look for Kathy and say thank you in person.   I’ll never be able to completely repay Kathy or anyone else that helped me grow, I can pay all that help I received forward.  I make it a point to encourage others whenever I can.  I have found I receive as much energy and motivation from what I hope to give someone else.  The gym is one of the best examples where collective mindsets, action, and encouragement come together very powerfully.  And I have become well aware of how intimidating gyms can be for many.  If you feel any intimidated by a gym I assure that is a fear worth overcoming through understanding the power of 1 on 1 work and small groups.  
So when I remind you that you can, and ask to set your next goal, and to keep going in a workout.  I am also saying that . . . I believe strongly that small tasks completed consistently and with the best of intentions lead to completion of greater goals.  I believe that when we come together and believe positively we create powerful energy, the kind that can move mountains and change the world.  I’m saying thank you to anyone that ever believed and encouraged me or anyone else.  I’m saying thank you to Kathy.  I’m saying thank you for being willing to try to achieve a new and challenging goal because by encouraging you and trying together I get more motivation to keep going. I will end reminding you that you can make a difference in someone else’s life.  You don’t have to create an organization and sacrifice afternoons.  Start by encouraging the person next to you and across the room.  Encourage those close to you.  Try to help someone else and you will help yourself.